I need some help figuring this one out…

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Anyone able to help me out with the language/context on this one? 
  • Sounds like ‘rockabye baby’… definately a fail lullaby if there ever was one. Maybe someone took that and made a joke in Ojibwe, and it made the blog as serious? That would be my guess… an appropriation in the reverse, of rockabye baby…

  • Yiwah

    It’s Ojibwe, but the translation is a little misleading:

    Hush baby,
    Don’t cry,
    Or perhaps a bear (there’s no ‘naked’ involved)
    will eat you.

    No worse than the lyrics to rock-a-bye baby and its falling babies.

  • W

    I think the “fail” lies in the fact that the word “naked” is even in there.