Looks like Rachel Zoe was right…

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(image via The Sartorialist)
Remember back in January when I posted the Rachel Zoe report about Lindsay Thornburg’s Pendleton cloaks? Looks like they’ve invaded the NY fashion scene. I found this picture this morning on The Sartorialist, one of my favorite fashion blogs of on-the-street fashion, by photographer Scott Schuman. He tends to have his fingers on the pulse of fashion (look at me use a metaphor at 9:30 am), so we’ll see if this is a trend with staying power.
I’ll keep my eyes open for anything similar coming out of NY fashion week right now.
Lindsay Thornburg Designs: http://www.lindseythornburg.com/store.html
  • Awesome! Jessica Alba wore a pendleton jacket recently too. I’ll have to forward that link to you.

  • I just posted the pics–thanks so much for the tip!