Mardi Gras Indians: can cultural appropriation occur on the margins?

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(image via Last week, the New York Times published a really interesting article concerning Mardi Gras Indians, specifically looking at the possibility of  the “Indians” copyrighting their costumes so their images can’t be used in things like calendars, promotional materials, etc, without their consent. I’ll get to that issue in a second post, but I think the entire concept …

Native Appropriations is now on Facebook!

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Become a fan of Native Appropriations on Facebook!  Click HERE. yay. 

Random Appropriation of the Day!

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Via my friend Allison’s friend Kip–taken in Versailles, France. If you can’t tell, the orange peel is wearing a headdress, and the flavor is called “Indien” (you can click to make it bigger). It’s flavored with grenadine, which gives it the pinkish-red color. I was sitting here, trying to figure out the connection between grenadine and Indians–like were pomegranates indigenous …

Random Appropriation of the Day! Dreamcatcher=all inclusive Native traditions

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I remember seeing this sign at the entrance to the campus health center, and raising my eyebrows at the randomness and hypocrisy of it all, but only when Leon sent it over, did I start to realize how straight-up nonsensical it is. I am, of course, referring to that dream catcher. I would assume that we’re supposed to believe that …

Tribal Fashion Roundup!

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( I’ve gotten a few tips this week about more tribal fashion appropriations, so I thought I would compile a few of them into a single post, because let’s be honest, I’m a little lazy this week. I found the image above thanks to Lanova posting my hipster headdress piece on a blog that “loved” this headdress (thanks girl!). It’s …

Random Appropriation of the Day!

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Feather lollipop, anyone? Photo taken by my friend (and prolific contributor!) Leon at Casa de Fruta in Gilroy, CA–it’s kinda like a touristy pit stop as you’re headed out of Northern California towards SoCal. He looks a bit annoyed, doesn’t he? (Thanks Leon!)

Really? Amy Poehler? A headdress, really?

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( Amy, you’re funny. I like you. But the headdress? It’s not irreverent, it’s not quirky, it’s not funny, and I don’t like it. And frankly, it’s starting to be a bit played out now. Celebrities in headdresses are taking over the internets. Not. Cool.  Previous entries for background on the issue: Ke$ha, the headdress, and the trend that won’t …

Ke$ha, the headdress, and a trend that won’t go away

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I don’t watch American Idol. But, this morning I woke up to a flurry of text messages and emails about Ke$ha’s performance last night–looks like another pop star decided donning a headdress would be an awesome way to show how “raw” and “counterculture” she was. Here’s the selection (via MTV) with her sporting a headdress and face paint: UPDATE 2/25: …

Eté Indien: French Glamour gets in on the tribal fashion trends

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Fashion Foiegras posted a first look at French Glamour’s new spread on American Indian fashion trends, with the caption: “American Indian is back in style! Rock the look with a first glimpse from French Glamour.” But my first question: did we ever go out of style? 😉 A lot of the Navajo-style jewelry is gorgeous, but (even with my limited …

Random Appropriation of the Day!

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(image via Kinda like the hipster puppy, but worse.  (Thanks Scott!)