Spool No. 72’s Coyote Navajo Rug Clutch

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Another fashion appropriation sent by my sister, this one from the clothing website Spool No. 72. From perusing their website, they seem to be along the lines of Anthropologie, bohemian/vintage chic with maybe a little more “ethnic” flair thrown in there. The clutch description reads:

An exclusive for Spool No. 72. Made from a vintage Navajo rug each of our hand crafted clutches are one of a kind. The Coyote is truly a piece of art and is crafted from a native wool blend rug. Substantial in size the Coyote is adorned in breaided elk leather and a vintage horse blanket pin. 

and then, the line below:

Native hand crafted in the US

So does that mean the rug is Native made? or the whole thing is made by a Native person? There isn’t any other information on the site to point one way or the other. I also happened to notice that their logo has an arrow through it :


And, when you click on the homepage of the company, the header reads “Spool No. 72: Rustic Native Inspired Women’s clothing,” but there is no further mention in the body of the page, just on the little blue bar above the browser window.

So I did some clicking, and I found their blog here. Along the right side is an section labeled “Native Inspirations” where I found even more bags:

(more after the jump plus an article I found about the boutique)

Interestingly, none of the other bags say “Native hand crafted in America.” They do all mention that they are made from “vintage Indian rugs”, however.
On the blog there was a link to a NW source article about the company. The article, which can be found here, is entitled “Try on the American West with looks from Spool No. 72”. It says that their merchandise “captures the essence of authentic American style and takes it to another level.” There we go with throwing around the “authenticity” again.The article also notes that the clutches/bags are made in-house.
Overall, I’m a little perplexed. There’s a chance that they could be a Native-run company, which would make sense given they claim the clutch is “Native hand made”, but there isn’t any further information to confirm/deny this. I’ll keep looking around and keep you posted.
Spool No. 72 blog: http://spoolno72.blogspot.com/
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  • That rug clutch is ah-maz-ing! Fresh.

  • If these are made from actual Native made rugs…it’s a travesty that they are DESTROYING these pieces of art.

    Assuming that they are made from actual vintage Native rugs…
    a little piece of me is crying inside (sniff, tear) =/

  • Great Blog !! Spacify has a variety of Indian Rugs in traditional and contemporary designs, to decorate your home in Indian style.

  • I was wondering the same thing… are they cutting up rugs? That’s too bad if so.. I wouldn’t buy one. I’d rather have the pieces commissioned and then sewn together.