Tribal Fashion Roundup!

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I’ve gotten a few tips this week about more tribal fashion appropriations, so I thought I would compile a few of them into a single post, because let’s be honest, I’m a little lazy this week.
I found the image above thanks to Lanova posting my hipster headdress piece on a blog that “loved” this headdress (thanks girl!). It’s from Coyote Pheonix’s Etsy shop, and the description reads:
Great piece for burningman or other festivals. Looks great as a decoration piece hanging on the wall as well. Ties at the base of the neck like a headband with leather strap.

Also, one of the tags on the headdress is “shaman”. Ok, appropriations aside, are there actually people out there who see this, swoon, and say “I must have this! my life is not complete until I have a dead coyote to wear on my head!”. But, I guess, considering 14% of this fine nation thinks President Obama is, in fact, the Antichrist, I wouldn’t be surprised that such people exist (related? not at all. but I just read these poll results, so…).

This one comes from my sister’s fabulous suitemate Kathleen:

Belt and keychains from Jack Spade in Soho, website here. These seem pretty out of place with the whole Jack Spade asthetic, to me anyway. They’re known for their preppy men’s bags and accessories, with military inspirations and “timeless” pieces. Not usually what we’d associate with the Native trends. interesting.

Finally, a picture of a page from Lucky Magazine via my friend Genia (click to make it bigger):

The mocassins front and center are the Nicole Richie mocs I posted earlier, and there’s a pendleton bag on the left. I love how Native American trends are “global”–um, you can’t get more American than the styles of the original peoples in the US.

Just a few samples of many…I think I could start an entire blog of just Native Appropriations in fashion. sigh. 

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(Thanks Lanova, Kathleen, and Genia!)
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    Does House of Harlow 1960 get any credit for calling their shoes the “Maddie Beaded Suede Moccasin Booties” instead of touting them as Tribal or Native?… Asks the girl who just received a pair as a gift and kind of loves them…

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  • Anonymous

    I’m not convinced re. tagging. Sometimes it’s embarrassing how people tag on Etsy (or in blogs), but whatever brings people in, especially if they’re hard to describe…

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