Masking Tape and Markers=Beautiful Native Street Poetry

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A comet flew through my soul Not far from Black Hills Gold Uphill from a  Snaking River Did yellow hair die sinners? Cheyenne Cherokee Navajo  Pontiac How  The ____ Did Indian Names  Wind up on Cars? Four Sleeping  Giants View a Corn Palace Circus From a cold land As spirits roam alone Bury my car at wounded knee Many years …

But Why Can’t I Wear a Hipster Headdress?

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(image from, which is an entire post in itself. geez.) I’ve posted a lot about the phenomenon that is the hipster headdress (see here, here, and here), but I’ve never really broken it down as to why this trend is so annoying and effed up. A lot of this will be review and is repeated elsewhere on the site, …

Katy Perry at Coachella: "A sight for Squaw Eyes"

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I thought this one deserved its own post outside of the hipster headdresses. Observe the outright ignorant racism of The Sun in the UK: (original post: here) Notice 4 things: 1. The headline: Katy’s “Poca face”? 2. The text: “Katy Perry looks a sight for squaw eyes”? and she could have “doubled for Pocahontas”? 3. Her pose: please tell me …

The Hipster Headdress Abounds at Coachella

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(image via Can you believe it’s been almost 3 months since I first grappled with “The Strange Case of the Hipster Headdress?” Since then, I’ve definitely been shocked by just how much the trend has invaded indie/hipster culture, as well as more mainstream outlets (like Ke$ha on American Idol). Two weeks ago, the Coachella music festival was held in …

Random Appropriation of the Day ("Squaw Badge")

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 Lisa Charleyboy found this lovely display of cultural sensitivity here. It’s a pin/button to show the world your love for…costumed animals? but it gets worse, it’s called a “squaw badge”. In case you care for other forms of appropriation, don’t worry, there’s a “Bob Dog Badge” (Rastafarian dog with dreadlocks) too. “Squaw” Badge: (Thanks Lisa!)

Cultural Appropriation Bingo: proving your comments are unoriginal and ignorant

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 (Awesome bingo card made by Dr. Sheila Addison) On all the fantastic articles on cultural appropriation that have been making the rounds these past couple of days (Threadbared has a awesome round up here, I definitely recommend a look), the comments are getting heated. People are getting defensive, people are throwing the “omg it’s just fashion, get over it!” card, …

Native Star Quilt Inspired Baby Gap Dress

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My friend Sam spotted this skirt at Gap Kids/Baby Gap, which seems to be inspired by a Native Plains-style star quilt. If you’re unfamiliar with the tradition of quilt-making in Native communities, here are a couple examples: (image via   (image via I hesitate to call this an outright “appropriation” because I know I will get push back–“quilts …

Random Appropriation of the Day! ($2,200 Backyard Tipi)

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Tipster Lucia pointed me to this backyard “tepee” from Design Within Reach. It retails for $2,200, and is made by “Dave Ellis, who spent 10 years working in the canvas business before creating his own line of tents and tepees in 1982.” Here’s the screenshot of the page (click for a bigger version): The description reads: Tepee For adventurers of …

Ridiculously Maddening Quote of the Day: Avatar Edition

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 Welcome to a new feature–The Ridiculously Maddening Quote of the Day! Today’s inaugural quote comes to us from James Cameron, director and screenwriter of Avatar (maybe you’ve heard of him?). Quote comes from this article, talking about his activism and involvement with indigenous peoples in Brazil: “I felt like I was 130 years back in time watching what the Lakota …

Random Appropriation of the Day! (yes, THAT Hanson)

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I’m about to let some of my major dorkiness show. Well friends, I have a confession to make. I, Adrienne K, am an unabashed Hanson fan. Yes, THAT Hanson. Of mmmbop fame. I’ve been a fan since I was 8 and I saw them at a county fair in Tulsa, and continue to be a loyal follower of their new …