Random Appropriation of the Day: Easter Edition

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Today’s loosely-Easter related Random Appropriation comes from the “Treasure Madness” game on Facebook–which from what I can gather is a game where you, well, look for “treasure” in a virtual world. Tiffany (who sent this to me) noted that there is an Afro-egg that can be discovered as well.

 Text under the egg reads:

“You have found Chief Scramble or Poached, the native American Easter egg.”

Treasure Madness has 900,000+ fans on FB, so a whole lotta people out there are seeing this. Annoying.

(Thanks Tiffany!)
  • Wow! So sad! :(


    Sorry if this egg offended you, it’s really just a joke.

    In Treasure Madness there are also hundreds of more authentic treasures to find, related to lost civilizations. Currently we have mostly explored pre-columbians with loads of artifacts from Aztecs, Maya, Inca etc.
    And some day soon we will venture into North America and pay some honest respect to the cultures of Chreokee and all other native tribes.

    I hope this makes up for annoying you in the first place, do you think we should remove Chief Scramble and why?


    For Treasure Madness,

  • Hi Louis, I posted a response to you here: http://nativeappropriations.blogspot.com/2010/04/treasure-madness-update-time-to-remove.html. Thanks for reaching out to me, and please let me know if you have any further questions.