Random Appropriation of the Day! (yes, THAT Hanson)

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I’m about to let some of my major dorkiness show. Well friends, I have a confession to make. I, Adrienne K, am an unabashed Hanson fan. Yes, THAT Hanson. Of mmmbop fame. I’ve been a fan since I was 8 and I saw them at a county fair in Tulsa, and continue to be a loyal follower of their new music (which is actually really good!). The best birthday present I recieved in recent memory was a set of tickets to see their show in San Francisco for my 22nd birthday. So, yes, I am a nerd.

Anyway, I posted the random appropriation from their newest music video above. Did you miss the it? don’t worry, I made it more explicit below:

See it now? haha. Also, obviously, that’s not Hanson in the shot. It’s their band. But the big ‘ol cigar store Indian is in the background of most of the “studio” shots throughout. Their video is catchy and pretty good, and I think I might be the only one who caught the Indian in there–but I thought I would share.

And, if you’re curious as to what the Hanson bros look like now:

all grown up! And that’s Weird Al in the red pants, if you were curious about that too.

Here’s the video:

(Thanks Laksh!!)
  • The video itself was a call back to “The Blues Brothers” for the number “Shake Your Tailfeathers”…using about the same set and scenario. It’s an 80’s throwback, honestly. Weird Al made the video with them (He’s the one with the tambourine)

  • that TOTALLY makes so much more sense now. I found the original video, and there’s an Indian in the background of that one too. Thanks for clearing that up for me!