Random Appropriation of the Day ("Cherikee Red" Soda)

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Cause we all know that changing the “o” to an “i” in Cherokee makes it all ok and not racist, right?

Feast your eyes on Cherikee Red, a cherry flavored soda available (yes, in 2010) in the great states of Ohio and Pennsylvania. Besides the appropriation of the Cherokee name and the fantastically insensitive connection to the word “red” (redskin, anyone?), do I have to point it out again?

Dear world, Cherokees don’t wear plains style warbonnets. Never have. Just because “Cherokee” seems to be the only tribe that 95% of the US knows doesn’t mean that we wear the same traditional regalia as the tribes represented in westerns. Just an FYI.

here are some more historical images of Cherikee Red, apparently things haven’t changed much (ie at all) in the past 10-20 years:

 (images via authentichistory.com)

(I can’t find the original tip for this one–one of my twitter followers sent me a picture of himself holding a 2 liter bottle of this stuff–but thanks!!)
  • I think the misspelling was likely due to the same ignorance that put the headdress on the “Cherikee” warrior on the can. The rest of the package shows that they were unconcerned about being racist.

  • Considering it says “cherry soda” on the can, I’m pretty sure the misspelling is a pun (cheri=cherry). But it doesn’t make it any less racist.

  • Anonymous

    It’s still available. I couldn’t believe it when I saw it in the store. I also couldn’t believe my taste buds when I tried it. It’s delicious.