Random Appropriation of the Day! (Plastic Indian Necklace)

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Another great find from regretsy.com (a blog that combs etsy.com for weird and hilarious postings). This masterpiece was included in their “Top 10 Horrible Necklaces,” and awesomely titled “Dances with Plastic.” Beyond the ridiculousness of the necklace itself, we have the description:

“I love the native american culture”? right. He’s “hunting…perhaps for dinner. or lunch.”? awesome. 
But let’s also point out: she drilled a hole in a plastic Indian figurine, strung it on some ribbon…and someone bought it. (It’s been sold)
Earlier: Groundhog Native American Shield (also via regretsy) http://nativeappropriations.blogspot.com/2010/02/random-appropriation-of-day-holiday.html
  • I can’t believe this is for real … so, so ugly. Just beyond.

  • Dot

    I was just about to send this to you! You’re too quick.

  • Oh, my lord…

  • To be fair, it has become fashionable with regretsy fanatics to buy regretsy pieces, so if this was affordable someone may have snapped it up just to have a regretsy piece.