Vince Vaughn Encourages Cultural Appropriation (well, sort of)

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Vince Vaughn is shooting a new movie called “Cheating Hearts,” and apparently some scenes take place at a Chicago Blackhawks game. The casting agency put a call out for extras–“Blackhawk fans”–and some of the participants were a little overly enthusiastic with the Blackhawks “regalia” (like the pair above). describes the casting call:

An estimated 1,100 persons eager to be extras in the currently shooting Vince Vaughan movie, “Cheating Hearts,” turned out for Atmosphere Casting’s call last Saturday — most in full Blackhawks’ regalia and then some…

The majority took instructions to wear Blackhawks gear to heart, but a few went beyond jerseys and caps They came dressed as authentic Indian chiefs, Blackhawks, no doubt, wearing full feather head dresses to moccasins. Many others added hockey sticks and brooms to confirm their status as fans.

First of all, “authentic”? Not so much. Not at all. Also, “Blackhawks” are not a group of Indians, the team name is taken from Chief Blackhawk, of the Sauk/Sac Nation.  But poor wording of the reporting aside, I’m not excited (to say the least) to see these guys in the background of the newest romcom.

Also, these fools are dressed like plains Indians. The full headdress-buckskin-warpaint thing isn’t even close to the traditional regalia of the Sauk/Sac Nation. Here’s a portrait of Chief Blackhawk himself:

And here’s Chief Mokohoko, a leader of the Sac and Fox during the removal era:

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But at least we can be glad that the scenes don’t take place at a Philly Flyers game, lest we get an audience full of guys like this:

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