Random Appropriation of the Day! (Eagle Medicine Woman Ball-Jointed Doll)

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Reader Dawn spotted this beauty through a Facebook ad, and just like our other fabulous Facebook find (the “Spirit Guides” tomahawk), it comes from the company “Collectibles Today.” Ready for the description?

“With her Medicine Wheel and her eagle spirit guide, she has the power to bring protection and healing to her people. The Eagle Medicine Woman alone can unlock the secret of the majestic bird’s great strength. Now you can experience the deep spiritual meaning and stunning beauty of her essence with this collectible ball-jointed doll, available only from The Ashton-Drake Galleries. 13 individual ball joints bring this masterwork doll to life in endless posing options.

Crafted in collector-quality vinyl, this poseable doll wears a beautiful, exclusively designed outfit showcasing thrilling full-color art of her eagle spirit guide in flight. Her custom ensemble is further lavished with beaded accents, graceful fringe, an authentic headdress and matching boots. She even comes with a quad-colored Medicine Wheel, perfect for posing with her. Strong demand is expected for this important achievement in the doll world, so order now!”

 I, personally, am partial to the lines “The Eagle Medicine Woman alone can unlock the secret of the majestic bird’s great strength.” and “authentic headdress and matching boots.” Below, “authenticity” at its best:

As a light-eyed Indian myself, I appreciate validation of my authenticity as Native through the blue eyes. ha.

But on a serious note? The appropriation of sacred religious symbols is effed up. Medicine wheels and eagle feathers are not child’s play.

Wow, that was a bad pun. 

Collectibles Today Eagle Medicine Woman Doll

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(Thanks Dawn!)