"Hipsters Like to Put Things on Their Heads": Links, Links, Links…and More!

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  • Hipster Wife Hunting did a piece on appropriation of Native culture in fashion. I thought it was satire at first. I was wrong. Though, all my curiosities about the hipster headdress have been cleared up in this sentence: “Hipsters like to put things on their heads”. But of course! And here I was giving them credit for trying to make a societal statement or something! 
  • Sociological Images looks at a vintage tobacco ad showing an ethereal (and benevolent) white woman bringing the gift of tobacco to the wild Natives. 
  • Charles Trimble proposes a tax on “Wanabee” Indians. “This past week I had the opportunity to attend a social event, and to observe white culture in action. There were 80 people at this event and five of them represented to me that they had a great-great-grandfather who married a Cherokee” (story of my life).

Just some cool stuff to keep you posted on what’s been happening around the ‘ol internets in the last few weeks. Thanks to everyone who sent me these–sorry I was bad about keeping track this time. But I am very much in appreciation for your tips!

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  • Well that’s just bizarre. They (hipster wife hunting) link to your blog, use images from here, and even say at the end that they aren’t trying to mock the pain of those whose cultures are appropriated.

    No…. of course not, they’re just giving frackin’ tips on how to do it! (The mind, it reels).

    (double post because an errant “you” slipped in as though I was speaking to the hipster wife hunter writing)

  • i could be wrong, but as i understood it, rosetta stone has made several native american language versions, but not for public sale. they were specifically for the communities whose language it was and were created privately.

    and i always thought that was really cool.