Random Appropriation of the Day: "Seneca Warrior" Paddle Ball

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My sister re-discovered the joys of beach paddle ball when she was on her senior trip to Myrtle Beach, and since I’m home visiting my parents in San Diego for a couple of weeks, we dug around in the garage to see if we still had an old set. Lo and behold, not only did we have an ancient (and complete) set, it happened to be a random appropriation.

This muscle-y “Warrior Seneca” dude is pretty old, like probably from like the late 80’s early 90’s, back when we were more active beach-goers (i.e. I was like 5). I couldn’t find anything online about the company, but I would like to draw attention to their tag line:

“Seneca: The New Breed.” That feels weird to me.

So funny, I’m sure when my parents bought this 20 years ago they would have never thought it would end up their daughter’s blog. Well considering blogs didn’t exist back then…haha.

But anyway. Random appropriation courtesy of Adrienne K’s childhood home!

(Thanks Sees!)