Oh no, Khloe Kardashian.

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Khloe Kardashian just posted this picture to her twitter, with the caption “I love playing dress up!”
If you can stomach it, read the comments. They’re already playing the “omg get over it stop being so sensitive it’s just a hat!” game.

This makes me sad. I like Khloe.

So if you still need to know why it’s wrong to dress up in a warbonnet:

I think this also drives home the point I’ve mentioned before of how Natives are often viewed as “fantasy characters”–something that you can dress up as, play pretend. Wizard, Princess, Indian. The problem is Natives exist, we are real, and putting Native people in the fantasy character category erases our current presence as actual human beings.

Here’s the link to the photo: http://twitpic.com/2vjzgc

and Khloe’s Twitter is here: http://twitter.com/KhloeKardashian

(Thanks Lanova!)
  • Oh, but she’s 3% Native American, so it’s totally good.

  • ah man I love khloe. also, I think its ironic that no doubt she wouldnt enjoy people stereotyping her armenian ancestors…

  • I’m so upset about this! How am I supposed to be a fan now? ugh

  • She’s wearing it because all those feathers and beads and stuff look real pretty. “Paying tribute” and “honoring heritage” would be too deep for the shallow context of this stunt.

    Oh, and she’s already become a stereotype for the Armenians. I can imagine someone at the Turkish consulate saying “We can go home now, our work here is done”.

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