Navajo Potatoes: not what I was expecting

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I saw this pop up on my friend Jerry’s Facebook wall, and immediately thought it was going to be a “Random Appropriation of the Day”–but I was pleasantly and unexpectedly wrong. Walmart now sells potatoes grown on the Navajo Nation. How cool is that?

Update: commenter Bill posted the “About Us” from the Navajo Pride webpage:

“We produce premier Navajo Pride brand agricultural products, guaranteed to be the highest quality on the market today. We are located in the heart of the Four Corners region near Farmington, New Mexico, and are the largest contiguous farmland in the nation.

Our agribusiness features state-of-the-art farming technology including a multimillion dollar water management system. NAPI produces the finest and freshest varieties of Navajo Pride brand potatoes, corn, alfalfa, beans, and small grains, such as barley, wheat and oats. We are also expanding our Navajo Pride brand product selection at all times, so be sure and check our product availability frequently.
What makes Navajo Pride brand so unique? We are owned and operated by the Navajo people–those who understand and have been farming the land for centuries.
At NAPI, we take pride in producing Navajo Pride brand premium products for retail purposes, repackaging or for direct sale to our customers.”


(Thanks Jerry!)
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  • kat du jour

    Glad to have come across your blog on a random “what is a hipster” google search. I am a non-native teacher, who teaches at an urban Aboriginal alternative high school in Ottawa, Ontario. This is helpful, informative, and something I may share with my students should the topic of Native appropriation come up. It’s also good to see Native young people working on their PhD’s – a good role model for my students.

  • NameChanged

    I live in farmington, and it is great to see local produce being sold in our local Walmarts!

  • Plantglory

    I am sorry to report that NAPI is a company I cannot be proud of. Their involvement and use of GMO seeds is destructive to our land and people. Please read:

    Lori Ani