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(The Indian Head test card, a symbol of programming breaks, AND an appropriation. Clever, right?)

Hi Friends,
It’s finals time at school, which means, of course, I’ve putting extra time into the blog (procrastination!). I realized I’ve been making subtle updates to Native Appropriations over the last few months, but hadn’t really shared…so I thought I’d let y’all know:

  • I bought the domain name! For now, it just auto-redirects to the blogspot address, but it leaves the door open for the future, and makes it easier for you to tell your friends, neighbors, colleagues, and random hipsters on the street about Native Appropriations. So update your bookmarks, and share away!
  • Subscribing by email: If you look over to the right side of the page, there’s a little box that says “subscribe via email”. If you put in your email address, feedburner will deliver an email every time the blog gets updated. Since I sometimes get sporadic with the posts, it’s a way to guarantee you’ll never miss anything. I post (at most) once a day, so it’s not like you’ll be getting 8 gazillion emails, and you can always unsubscribe via a quick link on the bottom of the email.
  • Other ways to engage with the blog: For those of you who haven’t checked out the Native Appropriations Facebook Page yet, I recommend it. Fans post some great links and images, and I sometimes post articles and links over there between posts. There is also a Native Appropriations twitter account, if you’re into that. 
  • Changes on the Way: I go on winter break in 5 days (yay!), and over the break am planning on pulling together some improvements, such as a form for easier submissions, going through my major backlog of awesome tips (thank you so much for sending them), maybe some t-shirt designs (any ideas?), and a big ongoing project that will involve a lot of reader help. I’ll keep you posted.

As always, any advice, feedback, submissions, suggestions, ect are always welcome! (might be making a new email too…)

  • Good luck with finals! I commiserate. Ugh.

    Looking forward to all the improvements, although I’m already in lurve with the site as is.

    And T-shirts!!! Maybe something that says “Appropriate This!” with a positive image. But maybe that’s just my NYC-self talking.

  • As an American Indian, you go to great lengths to try to shame people in ALL ways they recognize the American Indian. Some are clearly and recognizably wrong, even abusive, and stand correction. But don’t curse them too strongly, lest American Indians not only are wiped completely out of being but out of memory as well.
    As far as the TV Test pattern goes, I grew up with this familiar sight, viewed on KTUL TV in Tulsa, and used when they were off the air, or testing. In fact, I love this symbol, identify with it, as it is appropriate in context of the State of Oklahoma, which I still refer to as “Indian Territory”.
    I am proud of my ancestry- Cherokee, via the Trail of Tears and descendant of Moytoy, the so-called “*emperor” of the Cherokees during the reign of Charles III. So while I am concerned about abusive treatment of American Indian paraphernalia, please try to keep things in context and not so overly PC’d. Certainly, it’s more important to learn lessons of empowerment rather than greed, receive proper funding for programmes designed to inspire, to become leaders, and sponsor initiatives for Indians to build back their positive values and self-image.

    *Emperor – The title bestowed by the English, as there was no other word in their vocabulary for it.

  • Here’s a picture of a naked girl in a headdress. He’s a photographer and I don’t know what his purpose with that photo is or what he wants to say with it. It’s for you to decide wheter it belongs on this blog or not.