This is just wrong.

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This picture was taken by my friend Kelsey at a Victoria’s Secret store in DC. I can break it down, but I think the image speaks for itself. What kind of society do we live in that this type of overt racism is not only accepted, but celebrated in our nation’s capital?


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(Thanks Kelsey!)
  • I think this is in the same vein of having so many hobos in the nation’s capital. We just don’t seem too concerned about our image anymore, eh? This, though, is, uh…no words. Can’t believe this is in Victoria Secret.

  • Horrendous.

  • @Jammin’ B Given the discrimination that homeless folks face, I don’t think it’s ok to use the word “hobo” to describe them. Also, do you mean that DC has a problem reducing the rate of homelessness/providing opportunities for homeless people to find jobs/housing?

    This issue of the Washington Redskins’ name/mascot made it all the way to the Supreme Court… and was summarily shot down because, according to our esteemed judges, Native people “waited too long” to file suit. W.T.F.

  • Not our society, not our Nation, not our capital. This “society” is the ones who committed the genocide in first place. What else would you expect from them?

  • we can write books, make movies, and pour our hearts out over the genecide that jewish people suffered yet we as a country still can not and will not admit to the terrible truth: americans committed horindous acts of genecide across america! the acts that were commited against our native ancestors puts shame to america and keeps its lands in a dark curse. how can so many have been murdered from washington dc to the pacific coast with no acknowledgment that this crime took place and that it indeed was and is a crime.

  • According to my German History prof, Hitler was inspired by the American example. (sarcasm on) Hej, if yer gonna do genocide, at least do it effectively and learn from a master. (sarcasm off).
    @Turtle It is easier to point-out the other guy’s faults than to do the soul-searching required to examine one’s own. :-(

  • …And you just know the people behind these clothes are thinking to themselves how empowering and gender barrier-breaking they’re being by realizing that women want pro sports merchandise. :(

  • And this was taken THIS YEAR? 2010?

    Then I got nuthin’.

    *is aghast*

  • I am surprised that on the nightly news there is no BREAKING NEWS saying “We live in a dumb culture.” Instead they push consumption, prescription drugs, fast food and convenience making most all of us dumber and dumber. Unless you think outside the box and don’t watch TV then you don’t fall into this trap.

    Oh and I am still waiting for this “nation” to talk about all the wrong doings it has does and still does towards Native people. We also live in a culture of distraction from the real issues going on. Therefore, people would rather have a Wii or access their faceook page than talk about what is going on in Native communities. I don’t think that those in positions of “power” (ehem abuse) want to discuss what has happened here and how they benefit from their privileges everyday.

  • stopped by because you might be able to have some fun with this one: