Dental school application supports Indigenous languages

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My friend K. is applying to dental school (you go!), and sent me these pictures of the online application. The app asks applicants: “Dental students interact with patients from many backgrounds. Other than English, indicate any language in which you feel comfortable conversing with native speakers”

The list looks pretty extensive, and awesomely they include Native languages–in the picture above you can see Cherokee, and further down the list, Hawaiian. The picture below shows Lakota, Navajo, Maori, and  Ojibwe, and I’m sure there were more.

Kinda cool, right? It’s little things like this that make me happy. Consider this some (late) mid-week motivation.

…and if anyone was wondering where I’ve escaped off to, I’ve been working with College Horizons–an incredible program for Native high school students, and the subject of my qualifying paper research for school. I was in Colorado last week, and am off to upstate New York this coming week. I’ll post more about my experiences soon, and be back to a regular posting schedule the first week in July!

(Thanks dude!)
  • Very cool.

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  • Quite cool.

    I wonder if the Cherokee and Ojibwe script is included with the options or if its just the language itself.

  • Great post!! Hope you’re having fun with College Horizons!! I was in it when it was at Harvard and Duke and the time there was amazing and I made some amazing friends who I still talk to 4 years later 😀

  • I see Ojibwe… awesome!