Midweek Motivation: a few inspiring video clips

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Happy Wednesday! Here are a few great videos that have been giving me some inspiration this week:

First, Sam Bradford (Cherokee pride!) launches the “Let’s Move” Campaign for Indian Country:

More info on the campaign can be found here.

EDIT 6/10: There is some ongoing debate about the merits of the “Let’s Move” campaign’s focus on childhood obesity (ie fat-shaming) while ignoring larger contextual issues, and I wanted to present that side of the campaign as well. This post breaks it down (scroll until after the DWTS clip). I just liked the video because it featured Natives, Sam Bradford, and the fact Indians weren’t being ignored in a national program (though we’re being recognized for our high rates of obesity and diabetes…). Thanks to the commenters for clueing me in.

Next,a Dartmouth undergrad made this short video featuring Native students, powwow footage, and sound clips discussing the history of Indians at Dartmouth:

Then, on the more creative front, this poem by Ryan RedCorn and Dallas Goldtooth (of the 1491’s) in response to Osama Bin Ladin’s code name is absolutely beautiful:

Finally, Matt Leach Sterlin Harjo made this awesome mini-documentary about Michael Loman, also known as “Indian Elvis”:

Enjoy! Feel free to share any other inspiring clips in the comments.

  • Re: Let’s Move, I think the First Lady’s heart is in the right place, but putting the focus on weight instead of on the healthy behaviors is problematic. It increases the already intense stigma that fat kids face, and hides the fact that thin kids also need good nutrition and exercise in order to be healthy.

    Leslie Kinzel breaks it down well here:
    (That’s a multi-topic post; her criticism of Let’s Move is the last section)

  • The Indian Elvis mini-doc was both touching and inspiring. I re-posted it here http://whereangelsfear.tumblr.com/ with my own small contemplation on its meaning.