"Indian Market Special" Fail.

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This weekend is Santa Fe Indian Market in New Mexico, a big deal art market that draws thousands of Native artists, art buyers, and visitors to the area. Apparently “Estrella’s Moroccan Spa” thought they would capitalize on the huge influx of folks with money to burn by hosting an “Indian Market Special”–but of course, Indians=a fake chicken feather headdress on a (presumably) non-Native model, right? Especially since here in the Southwest all the tribes wear headdresses and everything. ::eyeroll::

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Santa Fe Indian Market Official Webpage

(Thanks Christine!)
  • jesus!!! wtf. anyway, as usual, i love your blog. always look forward to new posts, and i share them often. great work!

  • Damn it, Santa Fe. Promise, not all New Mexican businesses are so stupid. — Albuquerque

  • This is a little off topic, but I cannot believe this copy for a Modcloth piece. Well, actually I can, it’s Modcloth.


  • This is a new video I made about a fictitious actress who starts her own “Native American Fashion line.” I live in Brooklyn so like I’m bombarded with drunk white hipster girls dancing around with headdresses. Also this past summer urban outfitters and top shop were pushing this hard. So I made this video

  • I am going to delete my bookmark of your blog. You don’t post regularly anymore. :(

  • I’m sorry Marley! I’m a full-time PhD student, and it’s the beginning of the school year. I’ll be back soon.

  • A.

    on etsy today:


    thanks for your blog. i appreciate it.

  • I walked past Estrella’s Morrocan Spa when I was in Santa Fe for market – I am so glad I did not go visit THAT spa.