Midweek Motivation Videos: 1491s and Hipster Fashion

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Happy Wednesday everyone! I have a couple of fun Native videos that have been making the rounds on the internets that I thought I would share.

First up, the latest video from the 1491s–the Native sketch comedy group that brought us the Wolfpack auditions, Day in the Life of a Powwow MC, as well as the gorgeous poem Geronimo E-KIA, and many more–simply entitled “hunting”:

Next, a great satire/parody of cultural appropriation in the fashion world (that is probably a little too true to life in some instances). Filmmaker Daniella Pineda sent it over with this quick back story:

This is a new video I made about a fictitious actress who starts her own “Native American Fashion line.” I live in Brooklyn so like I’m bombarded with drunk white hipster girls dancing around with headdresses. Also this past summer urban outfitters and top shop were pushing this hard. So I made this video.

“…or a happy trail of tears!” haha. Love it.


youtube links:
“Hunting”: a Short Film by the 1491’s
DW Diaz’s new fashion line: Genocide Chic

(Thanks Ryan and Daniella!)