Update on ANTM: Mariah’s gone, but Nigel might have learned something

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Mariah Watchman got voted off American’s Next Top Model last night. Sadface, right? We didn’t even have a chance to see how many racial microaggressions she would have to endure over the course of the season! I haven’t watched the episode, but Indian Country Today did a quick recap here, if you’re interested. But I have something more interesting to share.

Last night I was perusing twitter as the show was on, and truly just by chance caught this convo between a reader of Native Approps and Nigel Barker himself:

Her next tweet was a link to my ANTM post from a few days ago:

I decided to screenshot the whole thing so I could share on Facebook, and I’m glad I did, because magically this morning, all of Nigel’s tweets had been deleted. Does that mean Nigel *read* my post? And maybe learned something about how his behavior and the choices of the show were incredibly insensitive? I really, really hope so. Or he could have acted out of embarrassment.

Either way, kinda interesting, right? I’ll tweet this post to him and see if he responds–though I’m not holding my breath.

Oh, and Nigel, if you read this, I’m a little sorry I said I wanted to throw my remote at your face in the other post. I’m usually a pacifist. 

If you missed the original break down of ANTM:
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Indian Country Today: Mariah Watchmen makes early exit from America’s Next Top Model 

Nigel’s Twitter: @NigelBarker

(Thanks Kelly!)
  • So to top it all off Nigel shows cowardice by not owning his words.

  • One more thing… On this page

    All the ads are for factual historical books about Pocahontas and her people by the Illustrious historian Helen C. Rountree. Though she is a white person her books are well worth the read. I wonder if those ads were purposefully placed there.

  • Whitney Allison

    Wow, Nigel’s last tweet says it all. “What ever that means?”…indeed. Talk about admitting your ignorance.

  • What arrogance. Is there anything right with his response?

  • It’s my poor presumption that mixed-raced people (in Nigel Barkers case) are culturally sensitive and aware. Did he ever grow up with people questioning his heritage and having to “fight” the doubters?
    One of the things I was taught growing up with my mixed background, was to explore everything, learn and not make half-hearted assumptions. Reading these responses from Nigel Barker makes me sad.

  • On the Canadian NTM show, I’m pretty sure, but not positive, and too lazy to look, that an Aboriginal girl made it to the final two.
    …. k, I’m looking. yup : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Linsay_Willier and her portfolio from the show : http://model.ctv.ca/finalists/model06.aspx

    • But I checked her portfolio from the show. They never once dressed her up as Pocohontas! Did they not know she was First Nations? Where was the angst that all us Natives should have?

      Seriously though, it was good to see that the Canadian version of the show treated her like a person, just like all the other models, and not a caricature for them to exploit like the American version.

      • Nissafaith

        I appreciate what you were trying to say, but is your example of the stereotype of Pocahontas also used in reference to aboriginals in Canada as well as Native Americans? Just an honest question, I didn’t know that. :)

  • skybirdlady

    I watch very few tv shows, and I only watch them on my computer, so I wouldn’t have known about this nonsense without your site. Thank you for informing us all about how they treated this poor sister.

    BTW Mariah Watchman is absolutely GORGEOUS! I hope some huge agency picks her up, and does well by her so she can fulfill her goals. That and I’d like to look at her more. Wow!

  • April Youpee-Roll

    AMAZING: “I’m usually a pacifist.”