But my Grandpa was 1/16th Cherokee!

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Happy Friday everyone! Thanks to my friend (and amazing internet browser) Scott for finding this one–perfectly sums it up, I think. Are we finally witnessing the death of the hipster headdress? Cartoon can be found on http://adverbemonade.tumblr.com, and check out how many people have re-blogged it! Earlier: But Why Can’t I Wear a Hipster Headdress? (Thanks Scott!)

"The sexiest rain dance ever": Cyanide and Happiness cartoon

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It took me a minute to even get the joke in this cartoon. Let’s break it down: We all know all Indians do rain dances, right? (riiiight) And high roller strip club patrons “make it rain” by throwing money up in the air so it falls down like rain on the stripper.  Therefore, it’s funny, get it?  When they dance, it’s …