No Khloe, I do not like your "tribal look"

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Our dear friend Khloe Kardashian is back at her dress up antics. Remember back in October when she tweeted a picture of her wearing a headdress? Well this week she stepped it up a bit and posted a picture from a professional photo shoot with a huge war bonnet. See above. The accompanying tweet read: “What do you guys think …

But my Grandpa was 1/16th Cherokee!

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Happy Friday everyone! Thanks to my friend (and amazing internet browser) Scott for finding this one–perfectly sums it up, I think. Are we finally witnessing the death of the hipster headdress? Cartoon can be found on, and check out how many people have re-blogged it! Earlier: But Why Can’t I Wear a Hipster Headdress? (Thanks Scott!)

You too can own your very own Tommy Tomahawk!

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 For the low price of $699.99 (It’s on sale!). The description: This Indian Brave Mascot Costume gives a boost to your school spirit.  Shindigz is your place to find the fiercest and most affordable mascot costumes. Fierce AND affordable. (Thanks Scott!)

Tommy Tomahawk Update: School Board votes 3-2 to keep mascot

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Stilwell Public Schools’ board votes to keep Tommy Tomahawk Looks like Stilwell High School will keep it’s new mascot, after the school board hosted a special meeting in the school gym to hear “both sides” of the argument. The board heard from speakers from each side of the issue, and ultimately voted 3-2 in favor of the mascot.A disheartening and …

Stilwell High School’s New Mascot

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(image via I receive the Cherokee Phoenix (the Cherokee Nation newspaper) weekly by email, and today opened my inbox to this article about Stilwell HS (located in Stilwell, OK) and their new mascot, Tommy Tomahawk. Stilwell High School’s student population is 70% Native, the vast majority of whom are Cherokee. The Phoenix article is addressing the controversy surrounding Tommy’s …