Have you had your identity stolen? Great cartoon from Last Real Indians

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Just a quick post for today–I thought this image from LastRealIndians.com was great. The “hipster repellent” is definitely my favorite part. Also check out their site for some great critical essays about Native issues. Are you following any interesting or important Native stories this week? Feel free to post in the comments! Last Real Indians: Anti-Appropriation Cartoon

Johnny Depp as Cultural Appropriation Jack Sparrow…I mean Tonto.

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Entertainment Weekly just posted the “first look” of Johnny Depp as Tonto in the new Lone Ranger movie. I’m really at a loss for words right now. I…can’t. There was a bunch of controversy over the casting of Johnny Depp to begin with–and I was right on board, mad that they hadn’t cast a Native actor in the role. The …

Thunderbird Energetica: When good intentions go wrong

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I almost feel a little bad writing this post. Because in doing so, I know everything I’m saying is going to come as a big shock to the owners of this company. I know that they think their intentions are pure and their heart is in the right place, and that they think through their own brand of hipster hippy …

The Privilege of the Yay Life Tribe

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 (screenshot from the Yay Life documentary trailer…not exploiting Native cultures at all, right?) Someone posted a link to the “Yay Life Tribe” on the Native Appropriations Facebook page a couple of days ago. The “Yay Life Tribe” is the brainchild of a 20-something named Tucker, who got a spirit hood, it changed his life, and then he quit his job …

Oh Spirit Hoods.

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Oh Spirit Hoods. One of those fashion trends that makes me pause, cock my head, and say “really??” If you’re unfamiliar (meaning you’re not one of the 15,000+ people who “like” the brand on facebook), Spirit Hoods are furry animal hat/scarf combos that are all the rage with tweens, celebs, and hipsters alike. I’ve gotten a few tips recently about …

The Today Show thinks "Tribal Jewelry" is a "Summer Outfit Maker!"

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 Right on the heels of our great discussion on Al Jazeera’s The Stream, the Today Show decided to feature “tribal jewelry” as one of its go-to summer “outfit makers.” I’ll embed the video clip below, but I don’t know how long it’ll be up on the site, so I took some screen shots and made a quick transcript as well: …

Don’t Trend On My Culture, aka that time I was on Al Jazeera.

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In case you missed it, I was a guest on Al Jazeera English’s social media news show The Stream yesterday. I was super nervous going into it, but ended up having a lot of fun and feeling like my voice was actually heard for once. The host asked some tough questions, like “In a multi-cultural society, isn’t a certain level …

The YMCA Responds

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(image source) On Tuesday, I sent my local YMCA this letter asking them to remove an offensive picture in their fitness facility and to reconsider the overt cultural appropriation and racism in their “Indian Guides” programming, which I initially wrote about here. I was pleasantly surprised that less than an hour after I sent the email, I received a response …

Dear YMCA, I haz the sads.

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On Friday, I wrote about the Indian Guides program at my local YMCA. I decided to write a letter to the director of the YMCA, as a community member and former employee–telling them exactly why the practices employed by the Indian Guides are so hurtful. I’m posting it here, but I also sent it directly to the Executive Director. (If …

Hoya Hoya, Cultural Appropriation! Or Why Suburban White Folks Shouldn’t Play Indian

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A few weeks ago I was home visiting my family in southern California, and went to my local YMCA with my sister to work out. They’ve done a lot of remodeling since the last time I was there, including adding oversize (like 4 feet tall) photos on the walls of staff, kids, members, and events. Most of them are nice, …