Miley Cyrus Enjoys Dream Catchers, Apparently.

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(via StyleBistro)   Miss Miley Cyrus was recently inked with her fifth tattoo, a dream catcher along her ribcage. It’s supposedly to protect her four siblings, or something like that. Honestly, dream catchers are probably one of the most appropriated and exploited Native images–you see them everywhere. So I’m not supremely bothered by the tattoo, but it is annoying. However, …

Random Appropriation of the Day!

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Billabong shirt at TJ Maxx.

It starts with a trip to Urban Outfitters

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I was killing some time a few days ago and wandered into Urban Outfitters in Harvard Square. It’s no secret that many hipsters have an obsession with all things Native (more on that in another post), but I was a little surprised at how many examples I found. The following were in the home decorations section. This dream catcher (in …