Winslow Health Center on the Navajo Nation Gets Their Groove On

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Just a quick, positive post for today. I know many of you have seen all the coverage that Sasha Brown’s Open Letter to Urban Outfitters has been getting (making it to ABC news, Jezebel, all over!), and I’m really happy after truly years of writing about this stuff (especially at Urban), the word is finally getting out. I want to …

Urban Outfitters is Obsessed with Navajos

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“Navajo Nations Crew Pullover“ A search for “Cherokee” on the Urban Outfitters website reveals 1 result. A search for “Tribal”: 15. A search for “Native”: 10. “Indian”: 2. But Navajo? 24 products have Navajo in the name alone. This post started as a massive Urban Outfitters take-down, I spent an hour or so last week scrolling through the pages of …

Navajo Potatoes: not what I was expecting

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I saw this pop up on my friend Jerry’s Facebook wall, and immediately thought it was going to be a “Random Appropriation of the Day”–but I was pleasantly and unexpectedly wrong. Walmart now sells potatoes grown on the Navajo Nation. How cool is that? Update: commenter Bill posted the “About Us” from the Navajo Pride webpage: “We produce premier Navajo …

Project Runway’s "Squash Blossom" blouse

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I’ve been reading a few Project Runway recaps and watching some sporadic clips online (again with the no cable thing–you think I can get cable written off as a blogging expense?), and a couple of people sent me this image from last week’s episode. From what I can gather, the contestants were asked to create a textile design, and then …

"Navajo" Fashion Spread in Seventeen

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(via my culture is not a trend, click for bigger version) Cultural appropriation in fashion has now gone seriously mainstream. The favorite read of tweens and teens everywhere, Seventeen Magazine, featured this “Navajo” fall fashion spread in their August issue. On many levels, I find this even more offensive than having a generic “tribal fashion” spread. I know I always …

Random Appropriation of the Day! (Crate & Barrel "Hogan" Rug)

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Another Random Appropriation courtesy of my parent’s house in San Diego. My mom got some beautiful new rugs for our bathroom from the Crate & Barrel outlet, and I don’t know if you can read it, but this style of rug is called a “Hogan” rug. Still missing the Native connection? This is a Hogan:  (image source) Hogans are the …

Random Appropriation of the Day ("Navajo Bronze" Hair Dye)

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Apparently Clairol has a color of their “Natural Instincts” line called “Navajo Bronze”–a “light caramel brown”. Of course, since Clariol wants you to think that this line of hair dye is “natural” and stuff, they have to use Natives for marketing, since we’re all tied to nature and pure and whatever else they think. Frustrating. Amazon listing: (Thanks Scott!)

North American Indians: a step by step guide to "playing Indian"

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My friend Katie is currently in her first year of teaching 4th grade on the Rosebud Sioux reservation in South Dakota (go Katie!), and she sent me a scanned copy of this ridiculous book that was in her classroom library. I’ll let her give the context: “I finally started going through my classroom’s library and was pretty appalled to find this …

Indians in the Times today!: Tuba City hospital a "model" for births

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(image via Nice article today in the NY Times about the Tuba City health center and its policies and practices surrounding birth, specifically focusing on their high rate of natural births after c-sections.  I’m drawing attention to the article for a few reasons, primarily  because the article presents Native communities in a positive light, showcasing the strengths of the …

Spool No. 72’s Coyote Navajo Rug Clutch

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Another fashion appropriation sent by my sister, this one from the clothing website Spool No. 72. From perusing their website, they seem to be along the lines of Anthropologie, bohemian/vintage chic with maybe a little more “ethnic” flair thrown in there. The clutch description reads: An exclusive for Spool No. 72. Made from a vintage Navajo rug each of our …