"Navajo" Fashion Spread in Seventeen

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(via my culture is not a trend, click for bigger version) Cultural appropriation in fashion has now gone seriously mainstream. The favorite read of tweens and teens everywhere, Seventeen Magazine, featured this “Navajo” fall fashion spread in their August issue. On many levels, I find this even more offensive than having a generic “tribal fashion” spread. I know I always …

The Ultimate Tribal Fashion Roundup (June 2010 version)

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(TNA Spring Catalogue) It’s been a while since my last tribal fashion roundup back in March, and even longer since I first questioned the emergence of Native themes in fashion back in January. The trends don’t seem to be slowing down, and if the prevalence of the hipster headdress is any indication, they might be sticking around for even longer. So …

Tribal Fashion Roundup!

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(http://www.etsy.com/shop/coyotepheonix) I’ve gotten a few tips this week about more tribal fashion appropriations, so I thought I would compile a few of them into a single post, because let’s be honest, I’m a little lazy this week. I found the image above thanks to Lanova posting my hipster headdress piece on a blog that “loved” this headdress (thanks girl!). It’s …

Eté Indien: French Glamour gets in on the tribal fashion trends

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Fashion Foiegras posted a first look at French Glamour’s new spread on American Indian fashion trends, with the caption: “American Indian is back in style! Rock the look with a first glimpse from French Glamour.” But my first question: did we ever go out of style? 😉 A lot of the Navajo-style jewelry is gorgeous, but (even with my limited …

Spool No. 72’s Coyote Navajo Rug Clutch

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Another fashion appropriation sent by my sister, this one from the clothing website Spool No. 72. From perusing their website, they seem to be along the lines of Anthropologie, bohemian/vintage chic with maybe a little more “ethnic” flair thrown in there. The clutch description reads: An exclusive for Spool No. 72. Made from a vintage Navajo rug each of our …

Nicole Richie’s baby mocs

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(via shopkitson.com) My fabulous little sister Michele found this from Nicole Richie’s new baby clothes line for Kitson (called “House of Harlow”). Baby moccasins for $225?! (Thanks Sees!)

Looks like Rachel Zoe was right…

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(image via The Sartorialist) Remember back in January when I posted the Rachel Zoe report about Lindsay Thornburg’s Pendleton cloaks? Looks like they’ve invaded the NY fashion scene. I found this picture this morning on The Sartorialist, one of my favorite fashion blogs of on-the-street fashion, by photographer Scott Schuman. He tends to have his fingers on the pulse of …

Random Appropriation of the Day!

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Billabong shirt at TJ Maxx.

The Strange Case of the Hipster Headdress

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  (anyone know the source? I love this!)  I think the graphic above (which I totally want on a shirt) sums it up well, but am I the only one who is baffled by the hipster headdress phenomenon? I’ve been trying to break it down, thinking back to the hippies of the past–connections to nature, to the mystical, against the …

Appropriations at Disney World Part 3: Disney Wilderness Lodge

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yeah, that’s a Navajo rug coke machine. Welcome to Disney’s Wilderness Lodge! The pictures that follow are all from the lobby of the hotel, which describes its decor as: Taking inspiration from the early 1900s—a time when the spirit of the American pioneer soared—and cues from Native American cultures, the theme of being in harmony with nature winds through Disney’s …