Random Appropriation of the Day! (Indian Smurfs)

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Virtue B. sent over these smurf figurines from her recent trip to New York. They were posed to look like they were acting out a scene from a movie with cowboys and Indians. This guy’s wearing a buffalo headdress and leggings/loin cloth combo While this guy’s got an angry expression, some war paint, and a feathered spear. (see the smurf …

Mardi Gras Indians: can cultural appropriation occur on the margins?

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(image via http://library.duke.edu) Last week, the New York Times published a really interesting article concerning Mardi Gras Indians, specifically looking at the possibility of  the “Indians” copyrighting their costumes so their images can’t be used in things like calendars, promotional materials, etc, without their consent. I’ll get to that issue in a second post, but I think the entire concept …

Random Appropriation of the Day!

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Via my friend Allison’s friend Kip–taken in Versailles, France. If you can’t tell, the orange peel is wearing a headdress, and the flavor is called “Indien” (you can click to make it bigger). It’s flavored with grenadine, which gives it the pinkish-red color. I was sitting here, trying to figure out the connection between grenadine and Indians–like were pomegranates indigenous …

Tribal Fashion Roundup!

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(http://www.etsy.com/shop/coyotepheonix) I’ve gotten a few tips this week about more tribal fashion appropriations, so I thought I would compile a few of them into a single post, because let’s be honest, I’m a little lazy this week. I found the image above thanks to Lanova posting my hipster headdress piece on a blog that “loved” this headdress (thanks girl!). It’s …

North American Indians: a step by step guide to "playing Indian"

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My friend Katie is currently in her first year of teaching 4th grade on the Rosebud Sioux reservation in South Dakota (go Katie!), and she sent me a scanned copy of this ridiculous book that was in her classroom library. I’ll let her give the context: “I finally started going through my classroom’s library and was pretty appalled to find this …

Random Appropriation of the Day!

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“Headdress Bobby Pins” from lulus.com. Description reads: Dress up those lovely locks with our Headdress Bobby Pins! Choose from a pair of either pewter or brass pins for a cute new look. Features a chieftain coin at the tip of a 2″ long pin. Coin has a .5″ diameter. Comes in a set of two. Man made materials. Imported. Headdress …

Appropriations at Disney World Part 3: Disney Wilderness Lodge

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yeah, that’s a Navajo rug coke machine. Welcome to Disney’s Wilderness Lodge! The pictures that follow are all from the lobby of the hotel, which describes its decor as: Taking inspiration from the early 1900s—a time when the spirit of the American pioneer soared—and cues from Native American cultures, the theme of being in harmony with nature winds through Disney’s …

Random Appropriation of the Day!

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Diesel ad (via sociological images). UFO? check. Headdress/Speedo/neon trainers combo? check. Random? you betcha! (click for the full pic) link to the sociological images article: http://contexts.org/socimages/2010/01/27/be-stupid/

Native Link Roundup

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Russian Ice Dance Tribute to Aborigines Offensive to Aborigines “They have got the whole thing wrong,” said Stephen Page, artistic director of the respected indigenous group, the Bangarra Dance Company. Page said there were no traditional movements in the routine, the music sounded more like it came from India or Africa than Aboriginal Australia and the body paint looked like …

"Tribal Fashion": the newest trend?

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Jezebel had a great post today highlighting Rachel Zoe’s newest “Zoe Report” entitled “Gone Native”. Zoe points to the work of Lindsay Thornburg, a designer who makes cloaks out of Pendleton fabrics (both vintage and contemporary) with names like “Navajo Nile” and “Walking Rock”. Zoe’s text reads: “As my newest outerwear crush, I am blown away by each one of …