You Heap Fine Valentine, and HOW.

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Happy Valentines Day everyone! Enjoy these Indian-themed vintage valentines, which can all be found at:
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I’m sending this ARROW, CHIEFLY to say, Let me be your “beau”, my valentine (1940’s)

You’ve kindled a spark of love in my heart my valentine (1930’s)

I’d never ‘squaw’k if you’d be my valentine (1940’s)
(wow this one is bad)


Ugh! ugh! your heart valentine! (1940’s)

Ugh! Ugh! I’m an INDIAN GIVER it’s time your should learn it, for I won’t give my love unless you RETURN IT!
(I saved the “best” for last. Indian giver? really?)
all images found here: 
  • hahaha…I used the 1941 for the picture of my facebook invite for our American Indian Program’s Valentine’s Social.

    I was worried some would find it offensive, but my students found it hilarioius…perhaps it was the context of OUR Valentine’s event as opposed to someone elses??

    Keep up the fantastic work!

  • Seriously, I laughed out loud while looking at these. I actually remember seeing the very first one when I was a little girl. It’s crazy to believe these were printed and sent to others as a “sign of love”.

  • It’s creepy how much these look exactly like so many of the fashion photos people are taking these days. I mean, i’ve seen a hundred re-enactments of the “with valentines greetings” one.