Roundup time: There’s been a lot going on!

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Apologies for the lack of posts in the last week or so, I’m taking a statistics class that likes to take over my life every time we have an assignment due. But a lot has happened in the last few days, so I thought I’d do a little round-up!

In the news:

 (AK note: yay! I might write more on this later.)

The Fighting Sioux mascot will no longer be the face of the University of North Dakota, but the warrior’s visage will still play a prominent role in the school’s sports program.
The North Dakota State Board of Education on Thursday ordered the university to drop its Fighting Sioux mascot, prompting student protests on the Grand Forks campus and leaving many there feeling glum.

“The president of the United States invited Native American leaders to Washington, D.C. in November and looked us in the eye as a sign of good faith in his pledge to protect federal treaties. Now four months later he has betrayed that promise.”

Obama signed the legislation, known as the PACT Act, March 31. The new law bans the U.S. Postal Service from delivering cigarettes and certain other tobacco products – a move that will effectively extinguish the mail order tobacco trade run by the many business owners of the Seneca Nation of Indians and other Indian-owned tobacco businesses around the country.

Now, Mr. Cameron said, he has been spurred to action, to speak out against the looming environmental destruction endangering indigenous groups around the world — a cause that is fueling his inner rage and inspiring his work on an “Avatar” sequel.
“Any direct experience that I have with indigenous peoples and their plights may feed into the nature of the story I choose to tell,” he said. “In fact, it almost certainly will.” Referring to his Amazon trip, he added, “It just makes me madder.”

 In the media:

“Hollywood has made over 4000 films about Native people; over 100 years of movies defining how Indians are seen by the world.Reel Injuntakes an entertaining and insightful look at the Hollywood Indian, exploring the portrayal of North American Natives through the history of cinema.”

AK note: I’ve been meaning to post about this film for awhile, it looks awesome and is getting great reviews. The issues covered in the film are many that I discuss on the blog. It’s currently making the rounds in Canada, but will hopefully have some US dates soon! here is the trailer, definitely check it out:

In the blog-o-sphere/world of internets:

Native Appropriations has gotten some shout outs on great blogs/sites, check ’em out! (theres a few more to come this week)

(Thanks to Stef, Kianga, Ray, Jesse, and anyone else I forgot!)