The Hipster Headdress Abounds at Coachella

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Can you believe it’s been almost 3 months since I first grappled with “The Strange Case of the Hipster Headdress?” Since then, I’ve definitely been shocked by just how much the trend has invaded indie/hipster culture, as well as more mainstream outlets (like Ke$ha on American Idol). Two weeks ago, the Coachella music festival was held in the desert of Southern California, and it seems like the go-to outfit of choice for attendees (and even some performers) included the now ubiquitous headdress. Abundant evidence below:

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A commenter on the forum asks: “Why was every other douchebag at this year’s festival dressed in a colorful Native American Feather Headress with neon paint all over their bodies?”
Twitter user evlauren tweeted from the event: “Coachella Indian head dress count so far=2″ (she got up to 4)
Nylon Magazine reported that “The official uniform of Coachella is cut-off jean shorts, a drape-y, belly-baring white tee, and an Indian headdress.” 

Twitter user krishaleanne tweeted, the day before coachella: “packed for coachella. but still needed: an indian headdress, more confetti, light-up toys . . .oh and a ticket to coachella.”
Then there was Icelandic artist Jonsi, who performed his set in a full-on warbonnet-type thing:
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Which even made it to the article on the festival:
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These are by no means exhaustive, there was a ridiculous amount of material to draw from. I just wanted to use this post to point out how prevalent it was, but look for a follow up that will offer a primer on just why and how this trend is harmful, hurtful, and effed up.

UPDATE 4/27: Here’s the follow up post–But Why Can’t I Wear a Hipster Headdress

(Thanks Jesse, Lici, Lisa and anyone else who sent me links!)
  • Saddening, the ignorance that is on garish display.

  • Anonymous

    amazing post lady!!!! you really pulled it all together and i completely agree!

  • Anonymous

    “Hipsters” are pretentious douchebags….

  • Urgh so ignorant to the point of burlesque.
    Reminds me of the time when singer Jamiroquai used to irritate me with his DIY feathered warbonnet & buffalo horned headdress.
    British designer John Galliano too had his warbonnet phase awhile back.I don’t know if it makes any difference but he’s a fervent admirer of Indian culture and actually lived on a Reservation for awhile to learn about their traditions & clothing that strongly inspired him for many of his collections including for Haute Couture.

  • They’ve also started selling Hippie items at the Hot Topic in Madison, WI (idk if its anywhere else) and since Hippies were white folks attempt at being Native American, there’s also a lot of native themed tattoos and like “modernized” head dresses. Super effed up.

  • Here’s my question. Where are they *getting* all these headdresses? I don’t believe for a second that any one of those people actually made their own. So what jerk is making a small fortune selling headdresses to hipsters?

  • Anonymous

    who cares how people express themselves? get the fuck off your high horse.