Not Again, Ke$ha.

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Our favorite warbonnet-wearing-hot-mess of a musician sported another headdress at The Bamboozle (a big  music festival). The photographer calls her get up a “psuedo-patriotic costume of a feather headdress, aviator sunglasses, and the American flag”. Right.

Plenty more pictures at the photog’s site:

A couple of tipsters had sent over Ke$ha’s new video for “Your Love is My Drug”, a song which boasts the lyric “Do I make your heart beat like a native drum (an 808 drum–I stand corrected!)?”, and this seems like an appropriate time to share it:

In the video she’s running around in the desert, and sports blue warpaint, a heavy dose of “Native” jewelry (including turquoise, silver, and bone), and feathers:
She even is sitting atop an elephant wearing a feather headdress for a few shots:
and then later in the video she goes into psychedelic neon painted aboriginal mode (same look she debuted on SNL a few weeks back), complete with a boa constrictor ala Britney Spears:
We’ve discussed it before with her American Idol performance. Girl, get your act together. Cultural appropriation isn’t cool. 
Earlier: Ke$ha, the headdress, and the trend that won’t go away:
(Thanks Crystal!)
  • Marshall B.

    I think she’s saying 808 drum, like 808’s and heartbreak. not that it makes the rest of it ok.

  • Annie

    yeah, its 808 rather than native. also, surely she’s just making plain her love for american culture/fashion?

  • Anishinaabekwe

    She is horrible and annoying.

  • U

    I am doing a little thing with posters in my school, I added some of these photos to it because they demonstrate this point so well!