Random Appropriation of the Day! (International Pow Wow)

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I was browsing twitter trending topics this afternoon, and saw that #powwow was a trending topic–way far down, but still! So I investigated, only to find out that none of the posts had anything to do with any powwow I had ever attended.

Apparently this weekend was the 39th annual “Orlando International Pow Wow,” a travel trade show. read the description in the screenshot above.

An image of this “powwow”:

They don’t seem to appropriate any images of Native culture, other than the name, but it does seem weird to associate a travel trade show with a “powwow.” I know there is the business-y “let’s have a powwow about this” reference (which I always bug my friends not to use), but it’s not like powwows don’t exist anymore and the term can be reused to represent a trade show.

here’s the website: http://powwowonline.com 

Random. I wonder if the participants think about the connotations of the name? Or if anyone ever get’s confused? “Eh, I hear theres a big powwow in orlando this weekend! International! maybe we can get some Italian frybread? aye.” :)

  • I think that “pow wow” is a very established word in modern American English meaning “conference” or “meeting”. I could go on about language change and word adoption. I mean, would you rather that _all_ cultural influence between native American cultures and European/colonial cultures be one way? There are many things worth taking offense to, and this ain’t one of them.

  • I am not into people using the words “pow wow” when they mean a quick chat either. Usually people say it in front of me and then they blush and try to cover up their usage of the word. It is just not kosher IMHO.

  • I don’t mean to derail, but – Lisa, “just not kosher”? Uhm. Unless your intent is to be ironic there, it’s a bit hypocritical, don’t you think?