Random Appropriation of the Day! (Crate & Barrel "Hogan" Rug)

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Another Random Appropriation courtesy of my parent’s house in San Diego. My mom got some beautiful new rugs for our bathroom from the Crate & Barrel outlet, and I don’t know if you can read it, but this style of rug is called a “Hogan” rug.

Still missing the Native connection? This is a Hogan:

 (image source)

Hogans are the traditional home of the Navajo–which are definitely still widely in use today for ceremonial purposes, driving through the Navajo Nation you often see a hogan next to the more “modern” homes.

Just I thought it was a random name for a rug, and immediately thought of the Navajo/weaving/rugs connection. But I’ll admit, it could be an appropriation of another Hogan:

 (image source)

I mean, that bandanna looks kinda like the rug… :)

But here’s the screen grab of the Crate & Barrel rug:

I’m beginning to be more and more intrigued by the use of Native names/imagery in product naming, even when the product has nothing to do with Natives.

  • Native names and imagery are used because the broader society consumes anything that falls outside the established purview of consumerism. What’s appealing about a manufactured rug which populates thousands of homes? Crate and Barrel should just name their rug “#3,394”. Exotic infatuation with other cultures is exactly why something like this would be named after a more obscure traditional dwelling. Because the need to devour other cultures is essential to creating new ways of marketing old ideas and products.

  • B

    Very well said, redstar, and so true. It’s odd how much names of merchandise really do count in the marketing. I’ve been thinking about that lately, as there’s a necklace at a store I frequent I’ve had my eye on, though I really don’t NEED anymore necklaces. But it’s very pretty, and in my favorite color: purple. I happened to see it in a catalog, and saw that the color is officially “heliotrope.” And somehow that seems prettier, and more desirable. (But I’m still resisting buying it. For now.)