Hipster Headdress, Outside Lands. Le Sigh.

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(via SF Weekly)
Why isn’t the music-festival-going population sick of this trend yet? Aren’t the hipster-ish ones known for abandoning things once they become “mainstream”?
I will say, however, that this is the only picture I’ve come across in the coverage of the festival so far. Even twitter was remarkably quiet. Of course, if you spot any others, send them over, and if you were there and have stories to the contrary, let me know.
As always:
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  • Another reason to hate hipsters!! 😀

  • I almost don’t want to go to music festivals because of this. I may just have to yell at these hipsters and call them out on their shit! So much icky privilege!

  • gross. can i link to this on tumblr?

  • I like the idea suggested in the ‘Lightning in a bottle’ post about the passive-aggressive clothing. The idea was shirts with headdresses printed on them with a caption like ‘You’re not Native’ or something. I think that sounds like a cool retaliation technique, and I’d definitely buy one and wear it around my campus for the girls who like wearing cheap ‘moccs’ and ‘tribal’ junk.

  • Hello —
    I’m not Native but I am a WOC and definitely understand and sympathize with your cause. Plenty of people have appropriated my culture and treated it as a disposable trend, and it makes me sick that they don’t stop to think that it might be disrespectful.

    I actually was duped into going to a Native “themed” wedding full of rich whites (in actuality about 98% white, excluding me and a Korean couple) and was shocked at the ignorance coming from supposed “progressives”.

  • It is a very pretty warbonnet though.. bummer its a hipster.