Johnny Depp Tells Rolling Stone more about Tonto

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“I wanted him to be no joke. First of all, I wouldn’t f**k with someone with a dead bird on their head. Second of all, he’s got the f**king paint on his face, which scares me…I wanted to maybe give some hope to kids on the reservations. They’re living without running water and seeing problems with drugs and booze. But I wanted to be able to show these kids, ‘F**k that! You’re still warriors, man.'” (via Express)

  • Aurelas

    Heaven help us. Or at least him.

  • Rachel Kantstopdaphunk

    oh dear gawd. i didn’t think he could open his mouth and make the whole situation worse, yet somehow; he’s done exactly that.

  • RMCoyote


    It’s like, I can see he’s TRYING, but in a way that’s like a really clumsy blind bull would try not to break anything in a china shop.

  • 10100111001

    … just when you didnt think it could get worse… he opens his mouth

  • Medusa Jordan

    My love of Depp started diminishing when he kept on doing those PotC films which just got worse and worse, but I think that this is going to clinch it. Not that I have ANY intention of seeing this film. The worst part of it is that I actually did credit Depp with some intelligence. That quote makes him sound like he’s been downwind of a solvents factory for far too long!

  • TheChickenHasTeeth

    In Tropic Thunder we had Ben Stiller playing Tom Cruise, washed up action movie star (which is ironic considering Tom Cruise was in the movie).

    I guess Robert Downey Junior was playing Johnny Depp, out of touch method actor whose blindness to privilege makes him look like a holier than thou, self-obsessed, anti-freeze swilling fart sniffer.

    …except even Robert Downey Junior’s character managed to present a more heartfelt and earnest if misguided desire to empathize with an unfamiliar culture.

  • Sara Sherlock Bastin

    I so wanted to like this film but the more I hear about it the more I just can’t.

  • Gabrial Canada

    I’m glad he has running water. You know for his Verbal Diarrhea