Idle No More: Two Years Later

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Today marks the two year anniversary of the Idle No More movement, so I thought I would re-visit and re-share a podcast I made of the Los Angeles Idle No More solidarity rally in December 2012. It was my first attempt at the medium, and as an avid/borderline obsessed podcast listener, I really hope I can do more of these soon! (sidenote: Have you checked out Indian and Cowboy‘s amazing selection of Native podcasts? You should. I love them all. Metis in Space is my jam.)

Anyway, here’s the original text I put with the post:

I wanted to try something different to share my experience at the Idle No More solidarity rally in LA on Friday, so I made a podcast-of-sorts. I give some thoughts on the Idle No More movement, a little background, and set the scene. But then, the exciting part, I was able to interview some awesome folks at the rally: Andrea LandryCrystle LightningAdam Beach (yes, ADAM BEACH), and Kevin Gonzaga. The podcast is about 20 minutes long, and the interviews give background on the movement and legislation in Canada, Chief Theresa Spence’s hunger strike, what this means for Native people in the US, how these rallies and collective action are changing perceptions of Indigenous Peoples, and what the role of settler allies (non-Native allies) can be in the movement. Some really good stuff in their own words.

Also, backstory, I was recording it in my bedroom when I was home for Christmas while everyone else in my family was asleep, so that’s why I’m kinda whispering…

Soundcloud link below:

The original post has more photos from the rally as well.

In some ways I can’t believe the height of Idle No More was already two years ago–it had such a profound effect on me and my own activism, and I’m forever grateful for those who fought and continue to fight (Idle No More hasn’t gone anywhere!) for our Indigenous peoples, lands, and communities. As the US is engaged in our own time of protest, civil disobedience, and upheaval, I think reflecting on Idle No More is even more pertinent.

An additional note: I do want to talk more about Ferguson, Mike Brown, Eric Garner, and the ongoing issues of police violence and systemic racism, especially as it relates to our roles as Indigenous allies to the Black community. I feel very strongly that silence is consent on these issues, and I want to express my ongoing support of the protestors across the world fighting to make sure that our system–which was built on the genocide of Native peoples and the enslavement of Africans–recognizes that #BlackLivesMatter. Look for another post soon.

Earlier: Idle No More Los Angeles Solidarity Rally (December 24, 2012)

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    Not sure where to put this but NPR has a nice article on Darlene Arviso, a generous Navajo woman who shares her water with other tribe members. Article also calls attention to a big issue: inadequate water supplies for Navajo and the need for more wells.

    Lack of water/plumbing is a widespread problem in reservations, particularly in the Southwest. The water disparity might be an issue you could discuss? Because the Non Native communities have better access to water and it isn’t fair.

    Darlene deserves much thanks for helping people, but more assistance is still needed in New Mexico and surrounding regions.