Guess we can add Victoria’s Secret to the list

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The list is getting really, really long of companies I don’t like to support anymore because of their egregious cultural appropriation, stereotyping, and marginalizing of Native peoples. Let’s see, in the last year or so alone, there’s Urban Outfitters, Ecko, Gap, Paul Frank (just kidding, they’re awesome now), along with 5 bazillion others, not to mention my local grocery store, …

Paul Frank offends every Native person on the planet with Fashion Night Out "Dream Catchin’ Pow wow"

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Fashion’s Night Out is now in its fourth year–an annual night for residents of New York, LA, and other fashionable cities to get dressed up in sky-high heels and totter from retail outlet to retail outlet, pushing through hoards of similarly clad city dwellers attempting to partake in free cocktails and canapes. Stores host “celebrity” appearances–though it seems to be …

Ecko’s "Weekend Warrior" Line and Headdressed Skulls Everywhere

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Yesterday my BFF and biggest fan Marj texted me this image from the Ecko outlet in Washington. I believe my exact response was “OMG wtf?!?!” Notice at the bottom the tagline is “Party your face off.” Yeah, not offensive at all. So I turned to the googles to see what this was all about. A quick search brought me to …

OMG so much to talk about!

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Hey Guys, I have been so impressed (saddened? angered?) by all of your “Week in the Life of a Stereotypical Indian” submissions, that I’ve been culling through them all for the last week or so. I promise a post next week breaking it all down–but in order to do that, I’d love some of your reflections about what the experience …

Drew Barrymore Sports a Headdress and a Budweiser Apron. Really.

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Dear Drew Barrymore, You know what? You’re a pretty cool chick. You were in ET back when you were little and adorable, and I respect that movie for scarring me for life when I was young and impressionable. You’re a female producer, which is bad-ass. You donate lots of money to good causes, and you seem kinda nice in your …

Hipster Headdress, Outside Lands. Le Sigh.

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(via SF Weekly) Why isn’t the music-festival-going population sick of this trend yet? Aren’t the hipster-ish ones known for abandoning things once they become “mainstream”? I will say, however, that this is the only picture I’ve come across in the coverage of the festival so far. Even twitter was remarkably quiet. Of course, if you spot any others, send them …

But my Grandpa was 1/16th Cherokee!

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Happy Friday everyone! Thanks to my friend (and amazing internet browser) Scott for finding this one–perfectly sums it up, I think. Are we finally witnessing the death of the hipster headdress? Cartoon can be found on, and check out how many people have re-blogged it! Earlier: But Why Can’t I Wear a Hipster Headdress? (Thanks Scott!)

Tom Ford in a Headdress; but that’s not the interesting part

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 (image via HuffPo) AK Note: Hi, remember me? My apologies for the sudden post drop off, school has been ridiculously busy. But I’m back, promise. And I’m still always looking for guest posts if anyone is interested… A few days ago, Huffington Post posted some preview pictures of Tom Ford’s photo spread in French Vogue (he’s a fashion designer, btw). …

Oh no, Khloe Kardashian.

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(source here) Khloe Kardashian just posted this picture to her twitter, with the caption “I love playing dress up!”If you can stomach it, read the comments. They’re already playing the “omg get over it stop being so sensitive it’s just a hat!” game. This makes me sad. I like Khloe. So if you still need to know why it’s wrong …

Daily Encounters and Activist Fatigue: The Girl with the Headdress Shirt

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Yesterday morning I walked into my 7:15 am “Total Body Workout” class at the gym, laughing and joking with my friend. As I turned to get my hand weights and mat, my gaze fell upon a girl in the class…wearing this shirt. I sighed and wrinkled my nose, but turned back to my friend to continue our conversation. A few …