Who has spoken out against the Redsk*ns?

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As I’m sure you know by now, on Wednesday, June 18th, the US Trademark and Patent office officially cancelled the Redsk*ns trademark, calling the name “disparaging to Native Americans.” It was a huge win, 22 years in the making. In the aftermath, there have been hundreds of articles, tons of news commentary, and people saying a whole lot of racist BS in defense of the name. But as it all has swirled, I kept wanting a collective list of ALL the folks who have spoken out against the team name. So I decided to make one.

I got started and realized that even with my browser bookmarks and resources, there’s no way I could get everything. So I need your help. This is just the framework/start, but I want to crowdsource filling in the rest. Send me links in the comments or on FB, and I’ll plug them in where they belong. Especially if your tribe has spoken out. I know there are more, but the news doesn’t tend to cover tribal voices nearly as much as celebrities and professional athletes.

Here we go!

ETA (6/23): Changethemascot.org has an ongoing list as well! I should have known my idea was not unique. Check it out. Great resource.

(American Indian Sports Team Mascots (AISTM) has a couple of great running lists as well–and you can see these go back to the early/mid 1990’s. List 1, List 2.)

Tribal Councils/Tribal Leaders/Tribal Members (thanks to changethename.org for a lot of these)


National Organizations (Native):


National Organizations (non-Native):

Publications (This is lifted mostly from Poynter.org’s list compiled by Andrew Beaujon):






Celebrities/Other Public Figures 

Ok, now your turn–who am I missing? I know there are more. Share in the comments, and this list will be constantly updated as more articles come out! 

Update! Are you a Native individual who wants to lend your name to the fight? (Because all the haterz say we don’t exist…)

Check out the full constantly-updating list of Native individuals against the Redsk*ns here: http://nativeappropriations.com/nativesagainstredskins


*= kinda weaksauce support, like “I’m on the side of doing what’s right” or “I’d think about changing it,” not necessarily explicit THE NAME IS RACIST kinda thing.

**=passed resolutions against Native mascots generally, not just the Redsk*ns